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We're not yet at the point where one device can rule over everything, but we're getting awfully close — especially when it comes to controlling your TV set as well as other smart devices. A multitude of apps can turn your Android phone into a remote control for your TV, PC, media center and a variety of smart appliances.

We've searched through the Google Play store to find the best Android remote apps available. Check out this collection of apps for the couch potato in you. The app also includes support for voice controls, as well as the use of your phone or tablet's virtual keyboard to input text. The app connects to your Android TV through your local network or via Bluetooth.

Amazon's Fire TV set top box is a pretty neat video streaming device, especially if you're running with a Prime account. While the Fire TV box already comes with a WiFi-capable remote, you can take things to the next level with the Amazon Fire TV Remote app, which copies the functions of the handheld remote, turning your touchscreen into a navigation pane, complete with playback controls, a virtual keyboard, and voice command support.

The Yonomi app works like an all-in-one automation hub app for smart homes and appliances, using a system of triggered Routines to automate and control more than a different devices from a variety of manufacturers.

The 10 Best Android TV Remotes

As an agnostic platform that can work with a variety of systems and automatic device discovery through Wi-Fi gives Yonomi a solid draw, and the addition of recommended recipes for specific devices makes things a bit more user friendly to set up. Download Yonomi: Android. You don't need a Xiaomi phone to take advantage of the Mi Remote app — which is good since Xiaomi phones aren't on sale in the US.

Mi Remote is a multi-purpose IR remote app, compatible with a wide variety of IR-controlled devices, such as TVs, air conditioners, set top boxes, DVRs, projectors, and digital cameras. You can even use the app as a remote control for smart TVs that accept commands over standard Wi-Fi protocols. You can also expand the app with the Peel Mi Remote extension, which adds a TV guide and personalized show recommendations to the core Mi Remote experience.

Download Mi Remote: Android. With Google releasing an increasing number of smart home devices such as the Google Home and Chromecast devices, the old Google Cast app has been rebranded as Google Home. While the name and the coat of paint may have changed, Google Home still does the job as the all-in-one command center for your Chromecast and other Google devices, while also supporting an expanded range of smart appliances such as lights, cameras, and thermostats.

Google Home showcases a wide range of Cast-enabled apps, featuring content from these apps and allowing you to do things like use the app to open up and stream a new episode from a Netflix series. The device control tab handles everything from dimming the lights to controlling speaker volume, and you can even set automated routines to trigger with a single button press.

Download Google Home: Android. Of course, Google is far from the only player in the smart home hub and home automation game. Amazon's Echo smart speaker also functions as an internet-enabled smart home hub, and the Alexa app turns your phone into a setup guide and remote control for your Alexa-enabled devices. You can let the app manage your alarms, searches, music playback, shopping lists and more, making Alexa an increasingly capable smart assistant that learns from your shopping, surfing and media habits.

Download Alexa App: Android. Roku's streaming service on a stick provides a wide variety of shows, movies, and channels to watch, and the Roku app turns your mobile phone into a Wi-Fi-driven remote control for the streaming stick.

Users can browse for movies and TV shows, enter searches through a keyboard or through voice input, add channels and games, and even listen to streamed audio beamed straight to the phone with Private listening. Of course, you'll still need a Roku deviceand certain content may require premium subscriptions or purchases. Download Roku: Android. Of course, TVs aren't the only things that you can now control remotely from an Android phone.

Samsung's Smart Things Mobile app serves as a centralized control app for devices connected to your Smart Things hub device, such as smart outlets, motion sensors, and more. Users can configure the behavior of each device, monitor the status of things like whether a smart outlet is turned on or off or whether a door is closed or open. You also can schedule actions and configurations, and the Smart Things app can also connect with the Amazon's Echo smart speakers, providing you with voice control for your connected devices and switches.Turns your android phone into a Wi-Fi analyzer!!

Shows the Wi-Fi channels around you. Helps you to find a less crowded channel for your wireless router. Also avoid getting your phone near powerful electrical devices like power transformers since you might damage it. Use at your own Spectrum Analyze gives you real-time spectrum data from the microphone on your Android device. Uninstall the app, and re-install. Perform any pending system update sand re-install the app.

Turn the internet on, before you start Frequency counter based on the microphone input. Counts when the input rises or falls past a set level and converts into into frequency or a time period. Results depend on your device and its hardware. If you just want to We will keep the simple user interface for the next versions!

There will be no overwhelming and confusing menus or features you don't even know what to do! Possible applications of BlueScan; -There are various research Do you This app is for RF and microwave students, engineers and hobbyists. App has many RF calculators and resources that will help you in study and in professional life. We have several useful calculators here: Tee Coverage takes into account The RF Signal Tracker is an engineering application for doing impromptu hand-held drive-tests with your Android phone.

Google officially announced a fix for this bug for Android 4. However, a high number of devices are Browse through the frequency spectrum just by using scroll Here you will find various simple RF circuit calculators, which would help you to- convert wavelength to See HO stats.

Whenever signal has a problem or happen some events, it should detect RF condition between network and mobile device and tell you what the RF Inspector is an App designed for cable operators that allows a technician to view the full downstream RF signal passing through any compatible customer premises equipment CPEsuch as cable modems or All Best Apps. Android iOS Category. Role playing.

Best Android apps for: Rf detector. Wifi Analyzer Turns your android phone into a Wi-Fi analyzer!! Spectrum Analyzer Spectrum Analyze gives you real-time spectrum data from the microphone on your Android device.Account Options Sign in. Top charts. New releases. Add to Wishlist. As IR remote controls go, especially android remote controls, you'll never find one better!

Better yet, combine your remotes into a smart remote activity so that on your custom remote you'll have the volume buttons to your surround system, the channel buttons to control your set top box and the display buttons to control your TV. It's the only Android universal tv remote that can do that, while controlling any other device too! Not compatible with Huawei, Vizio or Sony phones. Don't have a supported phone or tablet?

You'll no longer need separate apps for each of these! Is your wifi device not in the list? Email us and we'll do our best to add it. Have any questions? Reviews Review Policy. Fix for Samsung Galaxy S9 crash on startup. View details. Flag as inappropriate. Visit website. More by Color Tiger See more. Smart Thermometer. Color Tiger. Beautiful temperature readings using only your phone! See more.

Unified Remote. Unified Intents. The one-and-only remote control for PC, Mac, and Linux. Galaxy Universal Remote. Turn your phone into a universal remote control! CetusPlay Global. Quanticapps Ltd. Move over old Smart TV remote! Control your Samsung television with your phone.With an IR universal remote app, you can control everything from controlling your TV to your projector.

However, not all IR remote apps are good, and you might want to save time choosing the right one for you. You can download the universal remote control app on your Android device. It gives you the power to control any appliance in your home. Moreover, it can also connect on network technologies such as Bluetooth and WiFi. The best thing about this Android remote control app is that it allows you to send all your photos from your Android device to the TV.

You can move the photos manually and even create a presentation. All this power is in your hand, and you can integrate Amazon Alexa Voice to do all these. SURE Universal lets you control more than a million electronic appliances. However, you need an Android device with an infrared blaster. Smart IR Remote is a universal remote that can simulate any device which sends signals through infrared.

The universal remote is the only one which you can customize to fit into a smart remote. Thus it becomes versatile. You can:. But if your device can work over WiFi, then you can use the universal remote. There are two varieties of Google Home. There is the one which is the Oracle that lets you know your programme for the day.

And if you so desire, you can fill your room with whale noises. On the other hand, there is another type of Google Home which is more than your answer box.

It is an app which sets up, manages and controls your Google Home, Chromecast devices and customizes what you will get from the Google Assistant. Unified Remote is the device which you need if you are an individual who uses the desk computer a lot. You can control your PC from your smartphone as long as they are connected to the same WiFi network. However, you will need to install the mobile app on your smartphone and the desktop application on your PC where a quick scan from your mobile app will be able to give you the control you need.

Twinone is a free universal TV remote app. It has a friendly interface for your smartphone. The app is easy to use. All you need is to open it and choose the device you want to control either your TV, cable box, satellite or any other appliance.

However the remote only works with mobile devices with IR blasters. The app has a couple of built-in codes that might be useful. The bad part is the advertising. Twinone is not providing an effective way to get rid of them. A paid feature can really come in handy to accommodate the ads. If you are a Roku owner, then the Roku app is an excellent universal remote control app for you. The mobile app becomes your companion either on Roku TV or for Roku streaming players.

The Roku app requires you to connect to the same network as your Roku platform. However, there are some features which might require you to log into your Roku account, so this should not worry you.Recent years have witnessed extraordinary growth in technology. Our homes have been transformed into a more sophisticated way. The introduction of Universal Remote impressively helped to bridge the gap between humans and machines.

Fiddling with the old remote is also no more in fashion. The sensors of the Universal remote could easily control the functioning of the TV set, Gaming Console, Sound system, lights, and numerous other appliances. No doubt this intelligent innovation transformed our lifestyle. But the thought of turning our smartphones into Universal Remotes seem even cooler. The basic idea is to control everything in just one click. Yes, you can do that with U niversal Remote Apps.

While all these apps are extremely user-friendly, having an IR blaster on your smartphone is the basic requirement. Infrared Blaster transmits signals and equips the smartphone to act as a Universal remote control.

Android devices come with an inbuilt IR blaster but the iPhone does not have the feature. The first programmable Universal remote control was released in Ever since then, a noticeable pace of development has been witnessed. Here is the list of top Universal remote apps that you can use to control almost all the gadgets in your home.

These are the best universal remote apps or UR apps for Android. Choose the one that suits your home and you. Selecting it will provide the option of Smart Remote or Traditional Remote, then a list of devices. Once it is chosen, the list of brand names appears on the phone screen. On selecting the brand of your product, you have to test the remote and save the suitable one.

Amazon Alexa receives voice commands and works accordingly.Updated June 15, by Christopher Thomas. This wiki has been updated 12 times since it was first published in November of So you've decided to ditch that expensive cable or satellite provider in favor of Android TV.

About time. You can enhance your user experience with one of these convenient remotes, which are designed to help you get the most out of today's streaming technology.

Wi-Fi To IR + RF Smart Remote Controller with Android and iOS App Supported

Some come with motion sensors to control mouse movement, while others feature complete keyboards for easier typing. When users buy our independently chosen editorial selections, we may earn commissions to help fund the Wiki.

Skip to the best android tv remote on Amazon. When users buy our independently chosen editorial picks, we may earn commissions to help fund the Wiki. Nonetheless, it's a popular choice due to its accurate air mouse functionality and built-in microphone. Netflix, Play Store, and menu buttons provide instant access to commonly used features.

It's compatible with most set-top streaming boxes as well as the Nvidia Shield. It is compatible with a huge range of devices and is one of the most affordable universal models. The integrated touchscreen makes it easy to perform useful actions, such as dimming lights and adjusting the thermostat. It's a chiclet-style keyboard with a built-in touchpad, and runs on two AA batteries while communicating via a compact USB receiver. It connects using a USB dongle, can send infrared signals to supported devices, and features a small touchpad in the middle.

It's backlit, so you can see what you're doing in the dark, and all the buttons are reliable and easy to press.

rf remote app for android

The all-in-one Minix Neo A2 Lite appx. It's well-made and feels sturdy in your hand, to boot. Kodi Kore Smartphone App Kodi is the most commonly used streaming platform, and due to its software-based nature, it doesn't always dovetail perfectly with aftermarket remote controls. Some users find that this official app offers increased control over their media centers, though it's not likely to completely replace a physical remote, especially if you stream using any other services.

As always when using Kodi, make sure to only access legal streams, because piracy is a crime. June 12, There are a lot of different directions you can go in for remote control of your Android TV system. Some are extremely simple, like the ProBox2, which is a great air mouse and a good choice if you aren't too concerned with text entry. The Minix is similarly effective at mid-air pointing, plus it has a keyboard on the rear to make it easier to search for your favorite programs.

The Ilebygo and Linkstyle take that same concept and add many of the buttons that you'd find on a traditional remote.

Best Universal Remote App

Speaking of traditional remotes, the Inteset is very much like one, in that it uses IR waves to communicate, and only IR waves. If you have multiple streaming devices, it's a worthwhile consideration, but only if all those devices have built-in IR blasters.

rf remote app for android

It may, on the other hand, work with aftermarket IR receivers which aren't too expensive and can be found in USB-enabled versions. Then there are a few more focus-built options.

The ANewKodi has a keyboard on the top and makes a decent gaming controller thanks to its convenient layout, though it doesn't function as an air mouse. The Sony is built specifically for Sony televisions, and as such, it's likely to not work with TV boxes that use the open-source Android TV platform.Before going any further, we must mention that the Smart IR Remote only works with Android smartphones.

Finding a remote that has plenty of power and features is the starting point we use in finding the best option. A top universal remote app will have access to hundreds of thousands of devices through this database, allowing the app to access the desired device out of the box. A universal remote app that has a clean interface will certainly grab our attention quicker than most.

You should be able to open the app and begin using the basic features immediately after downloading it, taking the time to learn how to use the more detailed features later if you want. Many manufacturers now create apps specifically for particular hardware options, so downloading the new app will improve your television watching experience overall. Another benefit to downloading this type of app is reducing clutter.

Our 2 pick in this list, the Logitech Harmony does this very well, as it includes IR and RF abilities, which allows you to control your components without line of sight. We think you will enjoy using this with the best shows on netflix. Each type of television and set top box has its own interface to use with the app, making it easy to customize the unit to meet your specific needs. The Harmony app offers a host of TV related features, including the ability to create a list of up to 50 channel favorites, control the volume, control DVR-stored content, and to change channels.

Plus if you own a Smart TV, you easily can port your photos and videos from the phone to the TV using the app, which is a great feature in its own right. Although most universal remote apps are compatible with most brands of televisions and set top boxes, if you have an older computer you want to use to control things, you may have a tougher time finding a compatible unit. And if you like using your smartphone for games, constant texting, and other things while watching TV, the universal remote app can interfere if you have to switch back to it every time someone wants to change the channel during a commercial or turn up the volume during their favorite part of the movie.

When seeking the best universal remote app for Android, you have quite a few options available. Unfortunately, there are fewer options for iOS devices because of the lack of an IR blaster, but our 2 and 3 choices do provide an Apple option. As long as you can stick with Android, though, the best feature for our top choice, the Smart IR Remote, is its flexibility: it works with hundreds of thousands of different devices, while also allowing for complete customization to meet your needs.

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rf remote app for android

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