Jayco swan roof supports

As we travel a great deal looking for new information and pictures for this website, we try to keep costs down so we use a caravan. We like to have a reasonable level of comfort but have now decided that instead of a large full-sized caravan, we will use a Jayco wind-up style. The model we ended up with was the Jayco Swan Outback. It is designed to take off sealed roads and gives us greater flexibility in the places we can get to.

When we buy a motorhome or caravan there are a number of modifications we like to make to set things up the way we want them.

This page gives some information on the Jayco Swan and the modifications we have made to it. After having a full sized caravan for many years the Swan is quite a change. When it is folded down it doesn't look like it will be that roomy but once it all unfolds it gives almost as much room as a full size 18 foot caravan.

We have now sold the Jayco Swan and have purchased a Toyota Coaster. It is a simple matter to unclip the side catches and wind up the roof. There is a metal cable that prevents you from winding too far.

Collapsed roof of new Jayco Penguin

The beds are supported by metal struts. On our van the front struts have been supplemented by an extra pole that helps give more support. The frames at each end fold up and clip in to keep the canvas up. I am not too keen on the clipping style used here. I would like to see something more solid. The cupboard can now be swung up. In the original van this cupboard is used as a wardrobe but it is far more useful if shelves are fitted.

An optional extra for the Jayco Swan and other wind up vans are 'bed end flies'.

Jayco camper trailer hints and tips

These cover the normal canvas, making the beds slightly cooler and they provide extra protection in wet weather by keeping the rain away from the sides.

They also provide extra privacy but still allow air to flow through as the sides are made of a heavy mesh material. After using the van for a while we haven't really made use of these flies but I can see that they would be much more useful in wet weather. Internally the Jayco Swan has a reasonable kitchen that includes a microwave, 4 burner cook top one burner is electric and the other three are gas and a grill.

There is also a 3 way fridge. Normally we have nothing but bad things to say about three way fridges but this model seems to work very well.

jayco swan roof supports

We have not yet had it running in very hot or humid weather but so far so good. Inside is a foam mat to keep your feet clean when you shower, a Porta Potty and the shower head that runs from a hose connected to our on-demand pump outlet see below for more details on that. As we like to have plenty of power available when we are away we have two fold out w solar panels.

These have their own regulators built in. The standard Jayco Swan comes with a single battery and built in charger. For our needs this is not sufficient and as the standard battery is lead-acid we prefer not to use it. We removed the wiring from the original Jayco charger and installed our own fuse box.

These are available at places like Jaycar. We don't think much of manual water pumps to get water from the water tank so we like to install our own pumps. We use two different pumps. The first is a small Whale pump. These are great little in-line 12 volt pumps that go on and on for years without any trouble.

We use this pump to draw water directly from the water tank and send it to the sink.All rights reserved. Please wait Products Jayco Replacement Parts. Jayco Replacement Parts. Add To Cart. Alko 2 ton Bearing Kit. Bargman Light Replacement Lens only. Bearing Kit to suit Ford type bearings. Bearing Kit to suit Holden type bearings.

Bed Board Support Bracket. Bed Slat End-Cap. Bolt Barrel Square. Bracket Curtain and Scrim Holder. Brackets Mounting Mapa Ladder Pair. Cabin Hook Eye. Pre-Order Now. Camper Door Fastner. Camper Grab-Handle. Cap Valve Stem Green. Cupboard catch - Long Stem. Dometic Fridge Vent Locking Clip. Door Baggage Holder. Door Handle to suit Dometic Fridges. Door Latch to suit Jayco Camper Door.

Door lock set to suit onwards Jayco Camper. Door Roller Annex protector. Double Bed Red Cap Set. Fixing Block 4 Hole - Grey. Flush Mount Handle.The Caravans Plus team have been very helpful in our slid-on camper build, they carry a good range of stock and the items are sent within a day of order.

Will defiantly use them again, probably very soon! Just what I needed and arrived really quickly too. Very pleased with the product Exactly what I wanted at a good price. We are well stocked but supply problems coming on imports. Very quick dispatch. Posting daily Australia wide. Add To Cart. The 3 stage arm means it has 3 metal sections and is used in the larger camper trailers. No wings to sit on frame work.

Outer stage tube length mm Total length extended mm Shipping Weight: 1. Shipping Dimensions: 76 cm x 4 cm x 4 cm.

Guide to Camper Trailer Windup-Systems This is a quick look at how the most common windup system work. This illustrates the techniques used to built most camper trailer including Jayco, Co Camper Trailer Components If you are looking to build or repair a Camper Trailer, this guide shows you how the system works and some common components Related Products.

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jayco swan roof supports

Just asking if anyone can tell me if they have experienced the collapse of the roof of a brand new Jayco camper trailer roof, whilst standing upright beneath the end that fell to the floor, such as that of the Swan, Dove, Penguin? And, being left overnight and advised by Jayco Customer don't really Care to "toss a tarp over it and call us in the morning AND, to spend 4 hours, alone, re-manouvering the up-end of the roof into the locked position, AND, then driving 4 hours to Coffs Harbour to allegedly have it repaired.

I would never have purchased the van if I had been advised that this could possibly happen. What was jayco's response? Image Could Not Be Found. Your best option for mapping and navigation no matter where you go in Australia. Back Moderator. Unisex Navy Pocket Polo - TMTE Features an embroidered motif designed especially for our clothing range that incorporates our logo and slogan "There's more to explore", ExplorOz Windscreen Sticker This clear vinyl sticker with white or black lettering "www.Its a great camper, easy to set up.

Lots of room. Havent taken it offroad as yet, but am looking forward to it. Would like a better annex awning as have already in the 6 mths of owning snapped 3 of the eyelets. A lot of cupboards but dont be fooled as they are being used to hide water tanks, pipes etc. Purchased in May at Jayco Australia. We are very lucky that my hubby is a handy man because there's no many things to list that have broken.

How we can't whined it up so unhappy. Purchased our Jayco Swan new in May we did a couple of small trips to locations on made roads we were pretty happy at that stage only issue was the corner screw holding the canvas to the roof came out, which left a gaping hole until fixed. Door lock snapped cable ties to keep door closed from then on Spare wheel support bracket snapped spare wheel had to be stored in the van Door roof support broken Door screws came out Read more.

Can i put roof racks on by adjusting the rails so the windup tv aerial will fit.

jayco swan roof supports

At this stage that is all a wont to know when i get my jayco swan. We have had our Swan Outback for just under 5 years. The silicon filler used in the roofs is clearly not up to standard as we have experienced major leaks twice in that time.

Collapsed roof of new Jayco Penguin

Jayco refuse to return calls to discuss the issue so very little chance anything will change for newer versions. We purchased the Outback version and we love it. Its roomy, easy to set-up and to pack-up. Sits well on the road, its well fitted out and the decor is very nice, noting we had some changes made at the factory to ensure the cupboards all matched.

Only criticism is that we are not sure why Jayco placed the main power connector right next to the sink water and placed the sink so close to the window with blinds that seem to get wet a bit to easy when washing dishes.

Purchased new inBefore hand over the water tank had to be replaced, faulty. We could not use the Swan for a year owing to medical reasons, soon after the 12 mth warrantee, and on the second trip, the Gremlins hit. The pump tap was not installed properly, the main bolt holding it fell off, I had to fix this. Screws falling out of both beds. On the forward bed one of the bolt locations damaged the bench top, near the fridge, I had to move this to stop further damage.

Screws on the door frame fell out overtightened at build This may have caused the door to be damaged when closing up. Front boot had to be reset, leaked in rain. Hydraulic ram in boot failing.I have a Model Viscount 17'6" Grand Tourer pop-top and I have just now noticed that the roof seems to have sagged about 50mm, ie; it has dipped down in the centre and is quite noticeable when standing up high looking accross the top from the outside. Is this a common problem, and if so, is it repairable??

Hi, No, there is nothing on the roof other than 1 small solar panel positioned neatly in one corner. Nothing else, and I have never climbed on it either.

I just thought it may have been a design fault??? I was concerned that water may get in at the front while travelling so made some enquiries and was told the only way it could be got out was the jack up the furniture etc inside to van to push the bow upwards. After some consideration I decided to fill the bowed area with some stuck on rubber sealing strip which did the job and it remained like that until I sold the van, never had a problem with it.

I know your problem is slightly different but I am sure I have seen some vans with "wavy" tops ie; slightly dents around at some stage. I think it is more likely a manufacturing fault. Many thanks Phill, but the sides of my roof seem to reasonably straight, with just the sagging being towards the middle.

I am at a loss apart fro a design problem. When the top is down, do the sides of the top line up with the sides of the van, or does the top sit wider towards the centre of the sides?

Jayco Swan Camper with Split System!!

Ours sat wider, and as a result of this twisting of the roof frame, the middle of the roof was lower than the ends of the roof. Click here to visit the Grey Nomads website. List All Users. Search Advanced Search. User Details. Start A New Topic Reply. Date: PM Jul 27, Keiron, We had a similar problem with our poptop. The way it was set up was scissor-lift at each end, and 4 gas struts, I left the bottoms where they were, but moved the top brackets in towards the centre, so effectively reversed the angle.

jayco swan roof supports

In this configuration the struts push the middle of the roof up, instead of the ends of the roof. This has fixed the problem we had with water pooling in the middle of the roof.

Date: PM Jul 29, Keiron, When the top is down, do the sides of the top line up with the sides of the van, or does the top sit wider towards the centre of the sides?Jayco camping trailers, which first came on the market inuse a winch and a system of cables, pulleys, drive slugs, flexible push rod springs, and telescoping posts to raise and lower the roof.

roof stabilizers

When the roof lift system fails, the problem is usually a broken cable or cable attachment. Most do-it-yourselfers can repair Jayco camper cables with minimal expense and a few household tools. Stabilize the camper with jacks and wheel chocks. Raise the roof to the proper height. If the winch is inoperable, the roof can be raised manually by two people. Brace the roof and measure its height from all four corners. With the bracing in place, crank the winch down to remove tension from the cables.

Pull out bunks to allow for an open work space. The cable wraps around the winch, located inside the camper beneath a cover on the cabinet or dinette.

Check the winch mounting bolts to be certain they are undamaged, and hold the winch tightly to the sidewall or floor. Unreel the cable and inspect its entire length. One end should be bolted to the winch, and the other either bolted or crimped to the steel harness square.

Unbolt the main cable from the winch attachment, and pull the free end through the harness square. Measure it and replace it with a new length of the same diameter cable. If the cable was crimped rather than bolted in place, replace the cable swage sleeves with new ones. Crimp them tightly with pliers or vise-grips.

Replace any lifter cable that shows signs of fraying, breakage, rust or other damage. When the winch reels in the main cable, the lifter cables pull the drive slugs along a track bolted to the floorboard. The drive slugs push the flexible rod springs through the track into the telescoping support posts to raise the roof. Inspect the cable attachments to the eye bolts. If the bolts are damaged, replace them. Pulleys should be anchored securely and operate freely.